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Madrid, 1982

Lives in Madrid. BA in Journalism (Universidad Carlos III, 2005)

In 2005 she moves to Italy and settles in Piemonte. In 2006 she starts working as a photographer with the OcchioBirchio collective, developing different photographic and audiovisual projects related with the idea of memory and territory, and performs editorial assignments for Italian (Diario, L'impaziente) and Russian (Simple Wine News) publications.

In 2009, she starts focusing in the multimedia and obtains a scholarship at the Magnum Photos Agency’s media department (Magnum In Motion, NYC), where she will work with several of its photographers. Back in Italy, she starts a regular collaboration in the development of multimedia projects with the Italian agency PROSPEKT Photographers, the MAGNUM French headquarters, its representative in Spain, CONTACT, and the Spanish photographer Cristina Garcia Rodero, with whom she works to develop her photographic work in multimedia format.

Eva currently combines teaching, multimedia projects and assignments, with a long-term personal project on alternative routes around the crisis (housing, food sovereignty and civil disobedience).